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        Human Resources
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        There are 400 employee of Fuxin Jialong and this includes 162 technicians. All of them are certified scientific and technological specialists and among them are 11 advanced professional-job employees and 65 middle professional-job employees.
        Our company boasts three production lines of Power Semiconductor Devices, and one Power Electronics Unit production line. Subsequently, there are one Provincial Technical Center and one Provincial Testing Center.our military product line passed the National Military Standard in 1997, which is the first in the Power Electronic field.Our company passed the GJB/Z9002 Military Quality System Certification in 2000 and passed the GJB9001A-2001 Quality System Certification in 2004. We can design, develop, and produce all kinds of Power Electronic devices. The quality of our products takes the leading place in the power electronic field and we have a complete selling service system.
        Our main products include series of Glass-passivated Chips; Series of Modules and Power Electronics Units; Thyristor; Rectifier; Fast Thyristor; Fast Rectifier; High Frequency Thyristor; Triacs; Power Semiconductor Module; Medium Frequency Supply; Rectifier Power; Welding Machine and Power Controller,etc. All in all, we have 11 product series and 12 kinds of products with about 1000 specs. Our company is famous in power electronics industry and our products are awarded Rank1.Rank2 or Rank3 in the same industry all along. We mainly produce the products of the brand “FU JING”which is also very famous in the same industry. During the recent years our products have been awarded the high quality products of province and the ministry for 10 times. At the same time, our products were awarded 3 gold prize in the same industry product quality competitions. Five kinds of our products have been awarded as high new quality products in 2005. The products of the brand “FU JING” meanly occupied 8-10% in the market and among them our Thyristor, High frequency Thyristor and Triacs meanly occupied 20-40% especially the Glass-passivated Chips which occupy more than 40% in the market.
        The annual production of thyristor and rectifier is more than 300 thousand pieces, the same with our power semiconductor module and our power electronics unit is over 500 thousand pieces. The products can be widely used for metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, electronics, transportation, spaceflight and aviation, etc. Our military device can be used for communication satellite, aeroplane, submarine, radar and  missile. Our products have been sold to domestic market and the markets of the USA , Russia, Italy and India. The market occupancy has stepped up gradually year after year.
        Fuxin Jialong Electronics Co.,Ltd has introduced advanced managing methods and modes,which make the capacity of developing the international market stronger further. The brand superiority has risen greatly.
        Have faith that Fuxin Jialong Electronics Co.,Ltd has a bright future indeed.


        FUXIN JIALONG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Copyright TEL:0418-2924546
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